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BOBST Die-cutting

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The new NOVACUT 106 ER brings you a brand new cost effective solution, for simple headache free production in any environment. By bringing together superb BOBST technology with their range of tooling solutions and extensive process support network, your NOVACUT 106 ER will position you perfectly to minimize work in progress, reduce costs and so improve the productivity of your entire conversion operation.


A machine that offers unmatched versatility, superb productivity, easy operation and unbeatable product quality. This highly productive die cutter gives you a real competitive advantage on both litho-laminated and folding carton products, perfectly cutting, stripping and blanking these substrates as well as delicate or light materials.

Service & Support

  • 300 + BOBST Instalations
  • 8 Field Service Technicians
  • 9 Suport Staff
  • 9000 hours spent servicing maschinens at customers per year
  • 100+ total years of experience of technical services personnel