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Corrugated Board


A high performance machine for standard boxes with excellent quality at 24,000 boxes/hour. Ultra-quick order change of the complete line in 1 to 2 minutes with a high degree of automation and user friendliness using the intuitive HMI – MPC4.

FFG 618

High speed production for small and mid-sized boxes at up to 26,000 boxes/hour. Suitable for a wide range of boxes when excellent folding quality is required, producing packaging in all simplicity and reducing ownership costs.


The most versatile machine, from simple block printing to process printing and from RSC boxes to complex die-cut units with an order changeover in record time using the RapidSet system. This machine offers high performance for added-value boxes with super sharp high-graphic printing in one pass.

FFG 1228 NT

High-performance inline production with 3 processes in ONE: printing, die-cutting, folding and gluing. Offering high speed production at 33.000 boxes/hour with a MULTIFOLD option to improve your production by 50%, 100% or even 200%.


With its advanced control technology and ultra-precise, automatic adjustment, it offers a flexographic alternative to offset printing on high added-value packaging from micro-flute to double-wall board, in up to eight colours. Robust and reliable, with outstanding sheet transport and superb ink control, it is the most powerful press in its category.


The ultimate productivity and unmatched quality with inside & outside printing in one pass. Designed for easy operation and optimised resource usage, the Masterline DRO is the most versatile, the most automated and the most ergonomic solution on the market.

VISIONCUT 1.6 / 1.6 PR

Built to be robust, VISIONCUT gives you maximum machine uptime, it’s clever workflow design minimizes unproductive time while job change-overs take less than 10 minutes. Taking the renowned BOBST register accuracy even further, VISIONCUT 1.6 is also available in a PR version with Power Register, our state-of-the-art system that delivers un-equalled print-to-cut accuracy, even on litho-laminated board.


Offering the legendary BOBST flat bed die-cutting precision, along with great versatility, excellent reliability and superb productivity. It also features a highly productive workflow which means that job changeovers take less than eight minutes – so as well as delivering the speed you need on long runs you get the quick changeover you need on short runs.


Provides the width and power to cut large-size cardboard and very rigid corrugated sheets yet is also delicate enough to process litho-printed surfaces with sensitive coatings and varnishes. Combining the best of corrugated board and folding carton machines, the MASTERCUT 1.65 PER has been optimized with innovative features to create a flatbed die-cutter that truly bridges the gap. Fully automated and highly productive, it is also the only solution in the market for size VII blanking. A truly unique machine.

EXPERTFOLD 170 | 230 | 300 | 350

For your corrugated box production, you need reliable, productive and versatile equipment. With its superb build quality, modular design and un-rivalled reliability the EXPERTFOLD is the right tool for the job. Fast makereadies give you the responsiveness you need on short runs, while features designed to maximize consistency on the run let you to handle long runs profitably. Easy to operate, it gives you the edge in the market for added-value boxes.

MASTERFOLD 170 | 230 | 300 | 350

With its modular design, single box set-up and superb reliability, the MASTERFOLD is built to last. Fast makereadies give you the responsiveness you need on short runs, while features such as anti-jam technology and video monitoring mean that on longer runs you make the most of its amazing speed.


A cost effective, user friendly sheet to sheet laminator for small to large production volumes. Versatile and ergonomic, the NOVASTAR can be set up quickly without any tools and delivers efficient and reliable production of high quality laminated board.


A high performance sheet to web laminator with a performance of 180 m/min or 10’500 sheets/hour. The laminator can be combined with our Module Facer MF324 (180 m/min) or with our Module Facer MF260 (150 m/min).

The EXPERTFLUTE TOUCH is most suitable for mature markets with high volumes or precise tolerance demands and can be configured with many options such as MiniTriplo (doublewall), single face sheet production and Preprint (roll to web).


The latest generation of BOBST high performance sheet to web laminator with a performance of 220 m/min or 12’000 sheets/hour. It includes a progressive sheet alignment system POWERALIGNER without front stop and mechanical side lay, sensing the sheet edges with optical sensors thus eliminating mechanical stops and risks of sheet damage.

Anilox Roll GTT2.0

GTT2.0 is the best anilox product available in the market for achieving consistent ink-to-plate transfer for HD Flexo Quality and Fixed Palette printing.

Carbon Fiber Chambers: 2G Chamber

The Absolute 2G chamber is used by many of the world’s most productive flexo printers. It’s the original and the best-woven carbon-fibre, dual-blade system for all flexo applications. The 2G chamber is specifically designed and built with carbon fiber to absorb vibration, allowing your unit to run faster without bounce or chatter and produce superb print quality at higher speeds. Carbon Fibre is also much lighter and easier for operators to handle plus all 2G carry a 15 year corrosion guarantee regardless of ink type used.

Drying Systems

Duo-Technik produce bespoke drying systems for the corrugated direct printing equipment and today are the only supplier in the market able to offer a full range of drying systems for all types of printing machines in the corrugated flexo, offset and digital printing markets. Their product range includes; Infrared, hot-air and combination high speed units.

Ink Control Systems

Colour Management saves a lot of money, stabilizes your printing process & increases your quality. The right step for a stable printing process involves viscosity measuring, the correct pH-value and a fixed temperature of ink. The temperature control, viscosity control and pH control are modular concepts. This means that you can decide which system is the right one for your needs and when you would like to install which module.

Plate Cleaner (QPC)

Duo-Technik’s Quick Plate Cleaner is a machine-integrated system that cleans dry ink and dust defects from the print plates without stopping the machine. This quick cleaning process, during printing, takes about 2 minutes with only about 8-10 wasted boards.

Auto Clean System (ACS)

Duo-Technik’s ACS is also a machine integrated system that is able to carry out an interim plate cleaning cycle in only 6 minutes and a very effective final plate deep plate clean in just an additional 2 minutes.


A modular and expandable system for controlling simple or complex glue application patterns right up to fully integrated and complete quality monitoring and ejection systems, all from the same HMI at the touch of a button.

Cold Glue Systems

For precise consistent glue placement at very high machine speeds regardless of dot size, glue quantity or machine speed. Our comprehensive range of application heads and glue delivery units offer the right solution for every application.

Hot Melt Systems

Hot melt is characterised by its particularly fast curing and its ability to even glue impermeable materials, such as film laminates and foils or where compression is not available.

Glue Detection

The ULT-300 detects cold glue application in-line before the flap is closed. The HLT-300 does the same with hot melt and the LNT-300 can detect cold glue on the back of a product or in between layers. The totally new GDX 1000 glue sensor takes overhead glue detection to previously unseen levels of performance.

Code Reading

The Xtend³ Code Reading function can check various bar codes on all products passing through the machine and compares them with stored master reference. If the tolerance exceeds that set by the user, the product is defective and an appropriate signal sent to activate the products removal.

Tracking & Ejecting

The Tracking & Ejecting module follows non-conforming products from the scanning devices to be ejected, flagged or marked as defective. Connection to various ejectors is possible including integrated ejectors, BOBST Flipper, linear and rotary or external marking systems, carton kickers and spray devices.

Board Flap Gluing

This HHS closed loop system for non-contact flap gluing and inspection of corrugated board minimises the time spent on cleaning, job set-ups and prevents waste, while remaining completely reliable at maximum speed. The system ensures consistent glue application and detection across all machine speeds.

Gap Control

This new system reliably checks the gaps on folded corrugated boxes between the base and lid flaps at the end of the gluing line when the four panels are brought together. The Xcam GAP control system is a patented design that combines a high-resolution camera and laser beam that regardless of whether the boxes are printed or not precisely measures the front and rear gap.

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