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Flexible Packaging

NOVA RS 5003

A highly productive press that delivers superior performance on a variety of flexible materials, including the latest eco-friendly packaging substrates. Easy to operate and fast to make-ready and changeover, it features BOBST unique solutions for sustainable operation with minimum waste for water-based or solvent-based ink printing applications.


A highly productive press that delivers high quality printing at speeds up to 450 m/min on a wide range of flexible substrates for the efficient production of short, medium and long runs of flexible packaging and other flexible material applications. The press flexible architecture offers various options, including press styling and livery – standard or enhanced.


This versatile gravure press handles a wide range of substrates, ink-types and job lengths. The short web path, web handling capabilities and accurate register control system combined with oneECG Extended Colour Gamut printing make this the ideal press for the food and other flexible packaging market segments.


A highly flexible platform of gravure printing solutions. Available with either shafted or shaftless print cylinders and different levels of automation, the MASTER offers a full choice of exclusive options to deliver with industry leading productivity and print quality at the highest speeds.


Designed for market segments that need dedicated equipment for short or ultrashort run production. Featuring a one-of-a-kind press design for truly unique waste saving performance and productivity. The modular design provides for in-line special applications for product enhancement and converting, making the MW range easy to configure for a very comprehensive range of flexible material market segments and applications.


Modular, compact and the ideal production tool when true flexibility is required by converters wanting to deliver on today’s countless varieties and job application demands, both timely and qualitatively. Irrespective of job lengths, substrate and adhesive types, this great yet compact machine will increase the user’s competitive edge with cost-effective, reliable and sustainable operation.

NOVA D800 / DA 800

A highly efficient machine delivering optimum performance across all run lengths, types of substrates and adhesives, whether conventional or designed for recycling. Job changes are simple, fast and without tools. Features include the availability of a BOBST flexo trolley for high-speed coating of solvent-based adhesives with high solid content. The machine is also available with automatic winders and is designed to use the BOBST range of interchangeable trolleys for laminators.


The ergonomic design and advanced levels of automation ensure very fast job make-ready and changeovers and make this laminator the paragon of machine performance and operational efficiency. Superior product quality, configuration flexibility and upgradeability are also distinctive features of the VISION series that can be supplied or upgraded to a tandem configuration at any time after the installation to meet the converter’s ever changing production requirements.


At the leading-edge of advanced laminating technology, this triplex laminator is the most productive and quality-driven solution for converters producing very high volumes of sophisticated three-layer laminated structures in a wide range of flexible material types, thicknesses and substrate combinations.


A compact, easy-to-use coating machine, suitable for converters seeking to enter the barrier film and substrate lacquering segments of the market with a very competitive level of investment. The machines technical solutions and automation features ensure process repeatability, high productivity and fast time-to-market.


A single-head coating line that addresses the trends and functionality of the film coating and substrate lacquering segments in terms of both productivity and evolving levels of technology. Ideal as a dedicated barrier film machine, it is equipped with automatic winders and is available in duplex or duplex tandem configuration.


A multi-technology coating line equipped with automatic winders, and offering the option of single or multi-coating heads and drying tunnel configurations. It is tailored to the needs of customers seeking a coating line with a high degree of customisation and is available in duplex or duplex tandem configuration.


A very versatile platform that provides outstanding flexibility for a variety of applications. It is especially suited to aluminium foil lacquering applications.

Offering the option of multiple coating heads, multiple section drying tunnel configurations designed to reach very high Peak Metal Temperatures, it benefits from BOBST renowned technology for the perfect handling of aluminium foil. These distinctive characteristics make it the perfect choice for the food and the pharmaceutical market sectors.


A custom-built extrusion coating and laminating line that delivers outstanding performance in the production of multi-layer composite structures for a variety of flexible packaging applications. The compact design and user-friendly features enable fast job changeovers and optimum accessibility to all sections and functions. This results in higher machine uptime and faster time-to-market.


The tandem configuration enables converters to widen their flexible packaging production range to produce complex composite structures in one pass by performing additional inline processes. These include coating of a primer or gravure printing.


A custom-built extrusion coating and laminating line for the high speed production of multi-layer composite structures for a variety of applications in the flexible material converting industry. Flexible and user-friendly, it provides optimum accessibility to all machine sections and functions to the benefit of increased machine run time and faster time-to-market.


The tandem configuration enables converters to widen their flexible packaging production range and achieve an overall optimisation of costs through the possibility of performing additional processes inline. These include the coating of a primer or flexo or gravure printing at high speed.


High performance metallizing machine, designed to handle a variety of film types including heat sensitive and thin gauge substrates with better film cooling due to a larger 600mm diameter drum, 2-zone gas wedge and new, improved winding mechanism with 6 independently driven motors.


Outstanding performance with high speed metallizing and easy to operate with an Automatic Sequential Control (ASC) system. The ECO mode reduces energy consumption by up to 50% during standby. It has the lowest production costs in the market with reduced production cycle time increasing the number of rolls produced per day.


Crucible technology for low defect metallized film with low consumable costs due to low cost of metal ingots in comparison to wire. Suitable for a wide variety of applications including high barrier food packaging and yarn. 90%* reduction in the number of pinholes with a repeatable, reliable performance. It has superior winding with virtually wrinkle-free film and it’s designed to handle heat stable and heat sensitive substrates.

CVD Technology

Production Scale PECVD SiOx

Clearly flexible, modular designed vacuum coating machine using a plasma enhanced chemical deposition process to apply SiOx coatings to plastic webs.


Designed to deliver the most efficient performance for all production lengths on a wide range of substrates. Fast to setup and easy to change over, the VISION CI features several unique technical and automation innovations that ensure repeatable process consistency, minimum waste and easy manufacturing. It is ideal for converters looking to add a powerful and reliable production tool to their operation.


The innovative features of the EXPERT CI platform succeed in maximising CI flexo process consistency. It delivers stable and controlled printing results and exceptional productivity with both solvent and water-based inks. Numerous BOBST exclusive technical solutions make it a perfect fit for the 7-colour Extended Colour Gamut printing process.


Combining advanced technologies and smart innovations in CI flexo printing to enable the highest productivity, process stability and flexibility independent of operator skill level. Advanced robotics guarantees a fully automated press setup.


The best-selling flexo press in the pre-print market for high-end applications. A highly customisable solution delivering close to offset quality printing on lower grammage paper which considerably lowers production costs.

FLEXIBLES – MANUAL – Sleeve & Cylinder

A modular platform with multiple options that can be tailored to meet current mounting needs. Built in future-proofing allows an easy upgrade as the business grows. The manual camera version is ideal for converters with a limited range of plate sizes, or entry-level budget.


Launched in 2021 and unique in the market, the FTS 1500 was developed following requests from users of the original award-winning Label FTS. Many moved into flexibles and demanded the same high standards. It has fast multiple plate mounting and easy to use for large plates with web widths up to 1500mm (59”).

FLEXIBLES – AUTOMATIC – Automounter Range

Delivers accurate mounting first time every time, independent of operator skill level or competence. Fully automatic plate positioning and laydown using latest servo-drive technology. Eliminates press downtime caused by poorly mounted plates, resulting in fast ROI. Ideal for converters who want maximum repeatability with minimum operator skill. Perfect register every time.


The proofing press of choice for the world’s leading cylinder manufacturers and converters with proofing force of up to 8’000kg. The GPP comes in a range of widths to suit the industry type – from narrow labels to the widest decorative prints. This machine proofs to the finest detail and represents the most accurate production match down to a 2% dot.


The basic level manual machine option of GA.VO’s patented core cutting and saving solutions. The TCEG features the fastest payback for converters wanting to reduce waste and their annual spend on new cores, as well as, improve the quality of their finished reels.


The TCRG is the highest level of GA.VO’s automatic range of core cutters and savers. It was created as a highly autonomous machine with the possibility to install various accessories to suit customers specific requirements. TCRG is often referred to as the hybrid model because it incorporates the best technologies developed on GA.VO’s range and is the pinnacle of quality, performance and cost reduction when only the highest output and automation levels will do.



The new addition to GA.VO, an ultra-modern design, the pinnacle of core cutting and joining systems.


A project born from the collaboration of the GA.VO. MECHANICS and ROLL. The technical preparation of GAVO and the commercial sensitivity of ROLL have produced a machine for the recovery of the end of reel and of the core. A machine suitable for circular economy projects, plastics recycling, core reuse projects.

TitanSlitter SR800

A high performance, duplex slitter rewinder designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding production environments. It features the latest mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic computer control technology to guarantee converters consistently high quality finished reels with improved levels of sustainability, productivity and easy job repeatability.

TitanSlitter ER610

This high performance yet affordable slitter rewinder is an easy to use robust machine, perfect for a wide range of applications and substrates, and is available with a dual turret (DT) or more conventional fixed twin rewind shafts to suit all customer needs. This model features a very innovative and environmentally friendly design which helps greatly with the reduction of carbon emissions.

TitanSlitter SR9-DT

The TitanSlitter SR9-DT Dual Turret rewinder continues to build upon the flexible and modular design first introduced on the highly successful SR range. The SR9 platform features three separate machine modules being the unwinding, slitting & rewinding modules. This innovative engineering design resulted in the application for several patents on the SR9 series including the unique Turret Support Device (TSD) for faster turret rotation on the DT model.

ConSlitter SilverLine

The ConSlitter CFRU SilverLine is a reliable and economic solution for all your slitting needs. With a speed of up to 600 m/min and two different working widths, an unwinding diameter of 1000mm and rewinding diameter of 610mm, this machine forms part of the very well proven ConSlitter series with a total of 1000++ machines already delivered.

ConSlitter BlackLine

The ConSlitter CHRO BlackLine is the right answer whenever you need to process particularly sensitive materials on a two-spindle machine or if you require a high degree of automation. Thanks to the linear winding system, materials can be processed effectively at higher web speeds. Special equipment options such as automatic cross splicing, cross cutting/laying on and a pneumatic single contact roll system are possible.

Atlas CW Slitter 500

The Atlas CW Slitter 500 is a very successful narrow width centre winder for tobacco films and has become well established as the industry standard. The machine is a pure centre winder, having one individual pair of rewind arms for each rewound reel. Each reel is driven by an electric motor which is attached to the rewind arms, this allows the finished packages to be rewound to the optimum tension ensuring perfect edge alignment and the highest quality being demanded by end users of this product.

Atlas CW Slitter 5400

The Atlas CW Slitter 5400 Series provides an intermediate slitting solution being available in web widths from 4.2 up to 5.4 metres (165 – 212in). Control of the CW Slitter 5400 is managed through the user friendly touchscreen interface equipped with the latest industrial grade computers using process logic controllers (PLC) incorporating the latest standards in safety systems.

PrimeSlitter BlackLine

The benchmark in primary slitting. The new PrimeSlitter provides state-of-the-art Siemens control systems combined with precise individual drive technology and advanced web control features. All integrated in a concept of proven mechanical engineering and without any hydraulic functions.

PrimeSlitter SilverLine

The all new KAMPF slitting and winding model Unislit II is an update of the highly successful Unislit series. Due to the modular structure and many different options, a tailor-made machine can be offered for every case of application. Thus, the ideal machine concept can be found for manufacturers of BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, CPP, as well as multilayer films, but also for converters of metallised foils or paper/film or paper/paper laminates.

Print Inspecting

AVT’s innovative vision inspection solutions deliver unwavering process control and 100% quality assurance capabilities throughout the entire print production workflow, from setup, through printing and to finishing, inspecting any application and any substrate or print type. With the most advanced 100% automatic inspection tools on the market, AVT’s inspection solutions and modules are designed to support every step of the production process, addressing the unique needs of each production stage to deliver 100% quality inspection – 100% of the time.

Anilox Roll UltraCell

UltraCell cell geometries are wider and up to 30% shallower than C02 and conventional YAG laser-engraved anilox rolls, yet deliver the same ink volume and density. UltraCell is engraveable in all patterns: hexagonal, LongCell, Tri-Helical, Channellox, and Positive, among many others. UltraCell’s super-dense low-porosity, non-wetting ceramic and UltraMelt laser-engraving process means more efficient ink-to-plate transfer and faster clean-up with super corrosion and score resistance. UltraCell lasts longer, maintains more accurate volume- and can deliver better print results.

Anilox Roll GTT2.0

GTT2.0 is the best anilox product available in the market for achieving consistent ink-to-plate transfer for HD Flexo Quality and Fixed Palette printing.

Carbon Fiber Chambers: 2G Chamber

The Absolute 2G chamber is used by many of the world’s most productive flexo printers. It’s the original and the best-woven carbon-fibre, dual-blade system for all flexo applications. The 2G chamber is specifically designed and built with carbon fiber to absorb vibration, allowing your unit to run faster without bounce or chatter and produce superb print quality at higher speeds. Carbon Fibre is also much lighter and easier for operators to handle plus all 2G carry a 15 year corrosion guarantee regardless of ink type used.

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