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Packaging Design and Tooling


Arden Software is a leading software company specialising in CAD and CAM software for the packaging industry. Solutions include; Impact – cutting-edge packaging design CAD software covering everything you need through one integrated product, Enterprise – software with a secure, centralised database that stores all of your work-in-progress in one place, WEBcnx – an intuitive workflow management solution, nServer – CAD engine for packaging design which can be used in isolation or integrated into other systems to automate CAD-related tasks and DotScan – fast and highly accurate Braille inspection system for packaging, guaranteeing speed, accuracy and peace of mind for packaging manufacturers.


The EASYsetter is the space-saving, complete solution for all stripping demands. It enables a fully automatic, fast and uncomplicated production of upper stripping forms for dynamic stripping.




The SPEEDLOCK 1+2 machine upgrades offer fast and safe locking of upper stripping and blanking tools and lower stripping boards that fit most automatic diecutting machines. The Grid Bender from BOBST maximizes the efficiency of blanking tool production, including measuring, bending, notching and cutting.


The BLANKfix lets users set up universal upper blanking tools very quickly and easily without the need for any tools or offline machine preparation.

Grid Bender

The Grid Bender from BOBST maximizes the efficiency of blanking tool production, including measuring, bending, notching and cutting.


Quality components for efficient and reliable dynamic stripping as well as effective upper and lower blanking for perfect finished piles at maximum production speeds.


Automated rule processing and bending systems.


Laser cutting systems for flatbed and rotary dieboards, stripping and blanking tools.


Waterjet cutting system for rubber, neoprene, PVC, foam and much more.

Drying Systems

Duo-Technik produce bespoke drying systems for the corrugated direct printing equipment and today are the only supplier in the market able to offer a full range of drying systems for all types of printing machines in the corrugated flexo, offset and digital printing markets. Their product range includes; Infrared, hot-air and combination high speed units.

Ink Control Systems

Colour Management saves a lot of money, stabilizes your printing process & increases your quality. The right step for a stable printing process involves viscosity measuring, the correct pH-value and a fixed temperature of ink. The temperature control, viscosity control and pH control are modular concepts. This means that you can decide which system is the right one for your needs and when you would like to install which module.

Plate Cleaner (QPC)

Duo-Technik’s Quick Plate Cleaner is a machine-integrated system that cleans dry ink and dust defects from the print plates without stopping the machine. This quick cleaning process, during printing, takes about 2 minutes with only about 8-10 wasted boards.

Auto Clean System (ACS)

Duo-Technik’s ACS is also a machine integrated system that is able to carry out an interim plate cleaning cycle in only 6 minutes and a very effective final plate deep plate clean in just an additional 2 minutes.

Service & Support

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  • 9000 hours spent servicing maschinens at customers per year
  • 100+ total years of experience of technical services personnel