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The basic level manual machine option of GA.VO’s patented core cutting and saving solutions. The TCEG features the fastest payback for converters wanting to reduce waste and their annual spend on new cores, as well as, improve the quality of their finished reels.


The TCRG is the highest level of GA.VO’s automatic range of core cutters and savers. It was created as a highly autonomous machine with the possibility to install various accessories to suit customers specific requirements. TCRG is often referred to as the hybrid model because it incorporates the best technologies developed on GA.VO’s range and is the pinnacle of quality, performance and cost reduction when only the highest output and automation levels will do.



The new addition to GA.VO, an ultra-modern design, the pinnacle of core cutting and joining systems.


A project born from the collaboration of the GA.VO. MECHANICS and ROLL. The technical preparation of GAVO and the commercial sensitivity of ROLL have produced a machine for the recovery of the end of reel and of the core. A machine suitable for circular economy projects, plastics recycling, core reuse projects.

Service & Support

  • 300 + BOBST Instalations
  • 8 Field Service Technicians
  • 9 Suport Staff
  • 9000 hours spent servicing maschinens at customers per year
  • 100+ total years of experience of technical services personnel