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Folding Cartons


The new NOVACUT 106 ER brings you a brand new cost effective solution, for simple headache free production in any environment. By bringing together superb BOBST technology with their range of tooling solutions and extensive process support network, your NOVACUT 106 ER will position you perfectly to minimize work in progress, reduce costs and so improve the productivity of your entire conversion operation.


A machine that offers unmatched versatility, superb productivity, easy operation and unbeatable product quality. This highly productive die cutter gives you a real competitive advantage on both litho-laminated and folding carton products, perfectly cutting, stripping and blanking these substrates as well as delicate or light materials.

NOVAFOLD 50 | 80 | 110

The reliable, precise and versatile folder-gluer that exceeds your needs. The NOVAFOLD allows you to produce a wide range of box styles, in different materials, at speeds of up to 300 meters per minute. Easy to operate and delivering consistent and superb end-product quality

EXPERTFOLD 50 | 80 | 110

This extremely versatile folder-gluer allows you to produce an impressive array of box styles in a wide range of materials at speeds of up to 450 meters per minute. Easy to operate, it delivers both striking productivity and boxes of unrivalled quality. It allows you to simultaneously carry out other in-line processes, such as Braille embossing with ACCUBRAILLE and quality inspection with ACCUCHECK, making it ideally suited for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets.


The world’s fastest, most automated, most versatile and most ergonomic folder-gluer line. The MASTERFOLD can be set up in minutes and delivers efficient and reliable non-stop production of outstanding quality products.


A cost effective, user friendly sheet to sheet laminator for small to large production volumes. Versatile and ergonomic, the NOVASTAR can be set up quickly without any tools and delivers efficient and reliable production of high quality laminated board.


A high performance sheet to web laminator with a performance of 180 m/min or 10’500 sheets/hour. The laminator can be combined with our Module Facer MF324 (180 m/min) or with our Module Facer MF260 (150 m/min).

The EXPERTFLUTE TOUCH is most suitable for mature markets with high volumes or precise tolerance demands and can be configured with many options such as MiniTriplo (doublewall), single face sheet production and Preprint (roll to web).


The latest generation of BOBST high performance sheet to web laminator with a performance of 220 m/min or 12’000 sheets/hour. It includes a progressive sheet alignment system POWERALIGNER without front stop and mechanical side lay, sensing the sheet edges with optical sensors thus eliminating mechanical stops and risks of sheet damage.


Equipped for inline and cross foiling, it features a specially developed hot foil stamping section. A prolonged dwell time combined with an even temperature and increased pressure ensure an amazing embellishment quality. Versatile, reliable and long-lasting, this hot foil stamper gives an excellent return on investment and keeps customers happy, while enabling the development of new business opportunities.


Designed to deliver ultra-precise hologram application and give you and your clients a distinctive advantage in the fight against counterfeiters. It is the perfect tool for placing holographic protection onto the packaging of almost any product and just as effortlessly can apply holograms or metal stripes to banknotes, visas, vouchers and tickets.


The result of many thousands of hours of R&D and is jam-packed with clever features. They include many patents, all designed to deliver the highest foiling quality and productivity on the market. It’s unique design means less heat, less pressure, and higher quality. Foil changes are as easy as pressing a button, while simultaneously delivering huge savings in foil usage.


Produces high quality finished blanks in a single inline machine pass. This innovative machine leverages the reputed BOBST’s inline flexo printing technology and the LEMANIC® converting expertise into a unique production line. BOBST innovations in flexo technology such as smartSet or oneECG Extended Colour Gamut printing deliver unprecedented workflow efficiency, colour consistency and repeatability. This is complemented by the press’ flexibility to use UV and water-based inks and numerous embellishment possibilities.


Providing up to 12 colour printing with a wide range of in-line processes, this production line works cost efficiently by minimizing waste, maximizing up-times and production speeds. Adapted to the widest variety of substrates and addressing the needs of different industries, these production lines achieve record production up to 350 m/min at full ink coverage on all inks and coatings.


Providing up to 12 colours perfectly in register with in-line converting applications, the LEMANIC® DELTA production lines are making gravure a viable alternative to processes such as sheet-fed offset printing. Adapted for short to medium run production, the LEMANIC® DELTA lines make gravure affordable even for short run jobs as it features light printing carriage concept and electronic line shaft for user-friendly quick settings and fast changeovers.


This small tray forming machine is designed to create a wide range of products. Whether carton board trays, conical trays or other out-of-home food containers, the SPEEDFORMER makes carton forming easy and efficient and offers a very good price-performance ratio. An extremely productive machine but a relatively small investment.

CE 1000

Carton board bakery trays, conical trays or even sealed trays – when it comes to tray production or carton nesting the CE 1000 is a first class solution in terms of productivity and ease of use. A machine that gives you the opportunity to create a wide range of products for customers demanding out-of-home food containers for fast foods and take aways.


A window patching machine that delivers the ideal combination between productivity and ease of use. Each H&S WP machine gives you the opportunity to create a wide range of products through various add on’s and optional equipment. This enables you to react flexibly and intelligently to the current and future market needs and trends.

Anilox Roll GTT2.0

GTT2.0 is the best anilox product available in the market for achieving consistent ink-to-plate transfer for HD Flexo Quality and Fixed Palette printing.

Carbon Fiber Chambers: 2G Chamber

The Absolute 2G chamber is used by many of the world’s most productive flexo printers. It’s the original and the best-woven carbon-fibre, dual-blade system for all flexo applications. The 2G chamber is specifically designed and built with carbon fiber to absorb vibration, allowing your unit to run faster without bounce or chatter and produce superb print quality at higher speeds. Carbon Fibre is also much lighter and easier for operators to handle plus all 2G carry a 15 year corrosion guarantee regardless of ink type used.

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