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BOBST Hot Foil Stamping

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Equipped for inline and cross foiling, it features a specially developed hot foil stamping section. A prolonged dwell time combined with an even temperature and increased pressure ensure an amazing embellishment quality. Versatile, reliable and long-lasting, this hot foil stamper gives an excellent return on investment and keeps customers happy, while enabling the development of new business opportunities.


Designed to deliver ultra-precise hologram application and give you and your clients a distinctive advantage in the fight against counterfeiters. It is the perfect tool for placing holographic protection onto the packaging of almost any product and just as effortlessly can apply holograms or metal stripes to banknotes, visas, vouchers and tickets.


The result of many thousands of hours of R&D and is jam-packed with clever features. They include many patents, all designed to deliver the highest foiling quality and productivity on the market. It’s unique design means less heat, less pressure, and higher quality. Foil changes are as easy as pressing a button, while simultaneously delivering huge savings in foil usage.

Service & Support

  • 300 + BOBST Instalations
  • 8 Field Service Technicians
  • 9 Suport Staff
  • 9000 hours spent servicing maschinens at customers per year
  • 100+ total years of experience of technical services personnel