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The ideal press to produce high quality pressure sensitive and paper labels year after year with minimum waste. It is fast to setup, prints and die-cuts a variety of label applications in a single pass ensuring efficient and reliable operation at a very competitive price.



Delivers an excellent Total Cost of Ownership for label production on almost any substrate. This is the press of reference for converters searching for repeatable high print quality, operational efficiency and flexibility in press configuration.


A versatile label and flexible packaging production line. It is a qualitative, efficient, productive, easy to use and connected press so that you can answer your clients effectively and timely. This reliable all-rounder press is built on scalable technology so it is able to follow the pace of your growth.


The ultimate press for all subrstrates and converters wanting to automate their production line, with systems and solutions that reduce downtime and waste. Configurable with print cylinders or sleeves, the machine is ready to be equipped with oneECG technology delivering repeatable consistency run after run, irrespective of the application run length, and minimizing ink consumption and inventory.


An All-in-One, All-Inline press that handles all your jobs from short to long runs – cost effectively, while increasing your profitability. The design architecture guarantees a full modularity of the press to meet every customer’s needs. Prime, print, embellish, and cut: each module is digitally automated for on-the-fly non-stop job change, an exceptionally high press uptime and outstanding repeatability regardless of the operator’s skills. High quality printing at up to 100 m/min guarantees a very fast time-to-market for most label applications.


Designed for the foremost flexibility to print labels, flexible material and folding carton. The monitoring systems it can be fitted with, guarantee the health and safety of food packaging applications. The press is equipped with DigiFlexo automation and oneECG technology delivering non-stop production through a centralized fully digitalized press operation.


Produces high quality finished folding carton blanks in a single inline machine pass. This innovative machine leverages the reputed BOBST’s inline flexo printing technology and the LEMANIC® converting expertise into a unique production line.

Mouvent LB701-UV

To enter digital label production successfully requires quality, extended colour gamut printing capability including white ink, high productivity and sustainable economics. Get all of that with no trade off – in one complete package. Designed for short to medium runs.

Mouvent LB702-UV

This high productivity, high quality digital label press will take on anything you throw at it – from medium-long runs – with printing speeds of up to 100 m/min (330 fpm) and producing up to 200,000 sqm of labels every month in one 8-hour shift per day. Print more jobs with any run length up to 8,000 linear meters and delivering 1200 x 1200 dpi native resolution for finest lines, smoothest gradients, sharpest images and most vibrant colours.

Master DM5

An All-in-One, All-Inline press that handles all your jobs from short to long runs – cost effectively, while increasing your profitability.


All-in-One, All-in-line modular & upgradable label press with quality control in 340 mm or 510 mm print width. The DIGITAL MASTER series change the way label production is done. Leveraging proven Flexo experience and recent innovative inkjet developments, they provide a fully digitalized and automated production line, from printing to embellishment and die-cutting. Based on a fully modular and upgradeable architecture, these label printing press enables customers to build their own press and evolve it over time.

VIVA 340 Evolution

The VIVA 340 evolution is the alternative to digital presses, for a more profitable and flexible short-run solution, in offset. It is based on Aniflo technology and relies on the same production model as digital, printing roll to roll in CMYK or extended gamut.

VIVA 340

A modular press which can be specified to each customer’s needs. The VIVA 340 offers all finishing processes in-line to improve productivity and achieve high added-value work on semi-rotary hot-foiling, flat-bed hot-foiling or fluted foiling, photopolymer embossing, screen-printing, flexo varnish, lamination, die-cut, slitting and stripping. All kinds of labels, from simple 4-colour process to complex combination printing labels, can be produced in one pass.

VIVA 420

The VIVA 420 is among the most productive intermittent presses on the market. It combines the advantages of intermittent technology and reduced set-up times with a wider width, longer print length and speeds to perform on the long runs. The VIVA 420 can reach a production speed of 85m/min, which means more than 2100m2 per hour. It offers all finishing processes in-line on semi-rotary hot-foil, flat-bed foil and fluted foil, photopolymer embossing, flexo varnish, lamination, screen-printing, die-cutting…


Inserts an RFID / NFC / anti-theft tag or inlay between a pre-printed finished self-adhesive label and the backing, it applies a label on top or beside another label for promotional operation or design effect and as an option, printed variable data can be scanned during the encoding process.


Encodes and verifies tags as well as inspects and controls the print quality, tag inlay position and coding characteristics of each coded tag.


To control, slitt & rewind pre-printed labels. The ICONTROL is modular and can easily integrate different features to perform 100% inspection using all camera brands, as well as, receive a flexo station for varnish, inkjet heads for numbering or die cutting modules to mention a few


This classic roll to roll silkscreen press features perfect registration for single or multi-pass for flexo, offset and digitally printed rolls, minimum waste, complete modularity and possibility to upgrade and configuration on demand.


The new platform for finishing adhesive labels. The ICONVERT platform is the ideal solution for converting pre-printed labels. It can accommodate flexo, lamination, cold foil, die-cut, slit and rewind modules and allows the integration of marking systems, delam-relam, application of labels, insertion of booklets or tags and RFID.

GR100 Waste Shredder

The non-stop shredder efficiently shreds a variety of side trim materials including paper, foil, film, plastics, and cardboard, and reduces them to just a few percent of their original volume.


An ultra-compact, cost-effective unit for self-adhesive lamination, semi-rotary die-cutting and length slitting of label web widths up to 350mm.

LC350 Tool-free Laser finishing

A compact, economic and fully digital laser finishing machine. Simply download the file from the pre-press department and the laser module is ready. The basic configuration has laser cutting, slitting and dual rewind, and the SmartFlexo varnish station is easily added.

PNT160S/200S Semi-automatic Core Cutters

Providing high precision feeding and cutting of cardboard cores of optional length and sizes at high speeds. Semi-automatic core cutters are operated by a user-friendly touch display with graphic symbols. It automatically adjusts all machine operations to the selected core size and wall thickness making changeover fast and simple.


The D-20.M ram punching machine is the core of the modular ATLAS system. This manually loadable machine is known for its top precision, user-friendliness, optimum safety and maximum performance. Thanks to its compact and stable design, the D-20.M is not only the ideal machine for labels and card producers, which have a small to medium quantity range, but also for printers, who have to efficiently and accurately bring its pre-cut paper or plastic products “in shape” according to special customer wishes.


The DG-35 counter pressure punching machine is the ideal solution for the finishing process of labels in the medium to large size range being particularly well proven for light, slippery and spongy plastic materials. Based on our vast experience with small-format machines (DG-20.M), the counter-pressure system has been further improved, so that large-formats, very complex shapes and the most difficult materials can be processed extremely efficiently and accurately.


This proven production line in its newest version offers everything wanted in label finishing: high and consistent performance, precision, user-friendliness, versatility, high production reliability. All processes such as buffering, strip cutting, punching, separating and banding, cleverly combine with one another to make the ATLAS 1110 the most successful production line for cut to stack labels.

Swiss Die-CutterTM B Series

Due to the high flexibility and wide range of applications, the high-performance Swiss Die-CutterTM B Series can be found in all areas of industry worldwide. With an output of up to 280’000 lids or labels per hour and a maximum of 400 strokes/min, the B Series is highly productive.

Label & Narrow Web Print Inspection

AVT’s innovative label vision inspection solutions deliver unwavering process control and 100% quality assurance capabilities throughout the entire label print production workflow, from setup through printing to finishing, inspect- ing any application and any substrate or print type. With the most advanced 100% automatic label inspection tools on the market, AVT’s inspection solutions and modules are designed to support every step of the production process, addressing the unique needs of each production stage – to deliver 100% inspection – 100% of the time.

Anilox Roll UltraCell

UltraCell cell geometries are wider and up to 30% shallower than C02 and conventional YAG laser-engraved anilox rolls, yet deliver the same ink volume and density. UltraCell is engraveable in all patterns: hexagonal, LongCell, Tri-Helical, Channellox, and Positive, among many others. UltraCell’s super-dense low-porosity, non-wetting ceramic and UltraMelt laser-engraving process means more efficient ink-to-plate transfer and faster clean-up with super corrosion and score resistance. UltraCell lasts longer, maintains more accurate volume- and can deliver better print results.

Anilox Roll GTT2.0

GTT2.0 is the best anilox product available in the market for achieving consistent ink-to-plate transfer for HD Flexo Quality and Fixed Palette printing.

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